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PenTest.WS is a penetration testing web application for organizing hosts, services, vulnerabilities and credentials during a penetration test. A reporting module is available for documenting and delivering a full penetration test.

As the creator mentions:

“The idea for PenTest.WS grew from a lack of specifically designed organizational tools for penetration testers. After studying the written and video sections of the Offensive Security Certified Professional exam, the decision was made to begin work on a purpose built web application to help manage the large number of hosts & services encountered during a penetration test.
It was important to the vision of PenTest.WS to be more than just a glorified spreadsheet. PenTest.WS will offer shortcuts and automation that only a true web application can provide.”

The project is on active development with new features added really often and offers a support system with tickets and basic forums. Also they offer Free as well as Premium plans that are pretty affordable. Recently the platform added the Pro Tier License that is an Offline Stand-Alone App Developed for professional penetration testers that comply with Non-Disclosure Agreements and can operate within a restricted network environment. Although the Pro tier is kinda pricy if you are not a professional, I think it’s a fantastic tool for professional pentesters that would like to use it without the concerns about storing client data on an external web service.

Disclaimer: I am not promoting this website in any way nor I have any affiliation with it. I am just really happy I found it because it really changed the way I do stuff and that is why I suggest you give it a try. I personally loved it and has really helped me organize my engagements and be more effective and productive. This is the reason why I wrote this article as the main purpose of my blog is to share experiences, techniques, tutorials and material I find interesting and are related to InfoSec or CTFs.

Check the main features:

Here are some of the main features along with some in-app screenshots!

Presentation Videos:

More videos can be found here:

Plans and FAQ:

Happy Hacking! 🙂

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