Real life OSINT challenge – Cosmote WHAT’S UP Easter Eggs3 min read

One of the biggest ISPs in Greece released a series of YouTube videos with hidden messages (Easter eggs) as part of a marketing campaign that offered gifts to the customers such as free bandwidth for video stream or social media use.

As mentioned in the following picture (Yeah I know it seems Greek to you because it is actually written in Greek language), the Easter eggs were ingeniously hidden inside YouTube videos that redirected to links that when you opened them in you mobile device you could claim your gift.

At 0:29 an Instagram account appears, @thunder_thepuppy. (The puppy is real and is looking for a forever family. There is a phone available if anyone is interested for adoption and the link of the gift (

At 0:06 there a QR code that redirects to

At 0:09 there is a label that mentions the link

At 0:06 there is a flash screen that mentions

Four of these easter eggs went immediately viral after users started to share them on popular forums and social media.
Unfortunately I stepped in late to the game just to find out that I have missed those 4 offers (limited supply to the first 20.000 users that activate them as the ToS of the ISP mentions).

This is the message I received after opening the links.

(Congratulations on your observeness, but our gifts are exhausted all but one. Get out there NOW, look for the protagonists of our stories in Athens and maybe you find it!)

Kinda disappointing but pretty informative. One challenge is still available and none has find it yet! That is awesome.
I could start inspecting other videos but I imagined the process as a really boring activity not to mention that it would probably be a brainfuck as none has found it yet.

After inspecting the previous links I realized that all of them followed the same pattern and each challenge name was a common dictionary word. They didn’t use something unpredictable like a big random alphanumeric string for usability reasons obviously I guess.

When I opened those links on my laptop for further inspection, all of them redirected to

So I found an interesting directory

So…. would it be that easy? gobuster immediately came to my mind
I fired it up and…

…voilà! At least I found the last challenge in a few minutes. yey!!!

This is the screen after opening

The message says:
(You may missed the bus (I guess video had to do with a bus lol) by looking at this strange link that brought you here, but you’ve earned a gift as a reward for your observation! To get your gift, you can reconnect the same connection from your mobile.)

Really fun and original stuff by Cosmote! Well done

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