TBBT 2 FunWithFlags – Vulnhub boot2root machine – The Big Bang Theory series themed1 min read

Here is the second box in the TBBT FunWithFlags Series on Vulnhub
You can download it from here: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/tbbt-2-funwithflags,461/

Vulnhub Description

Welcome to “Fun with Flags” 2!

This boot2root machine is part of the TBBT Fun with Flags series and it is themed after the famous TV show, The Big Bang Theory and has really strong CTF elements.
It’s more like solving a set of interesting CTF challenges as a puzzle than facing these in a real life scenario.

Goal: Hack Sheldon and get user and root flags

Difficulty: Intermediate but if you have never watched the series I would rate it as hard, still solvable though

Runs only with VirtualBox!
DHCP is enabled


Also your feedback is really valuable for me!
After you have completed the machine and based on your personal experience, how would you rate the machine? (easy/medium/hard)
Was there something that you didn’t like about it? Maybe something you have liked more if it was different?
Please leave your comments. Also if you have completed the challenge and wish to write a walkthrough I will be happy to add it here 🙂

Writeups (The order is strictly chronological)


@SecuCyber (French)

@SecuCyber (Auto translated to English)



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