TBBT FunWithFlags – Vulnhub boot2root machine – The Big Bang Theory series themed3 min read

Don’t know about you but I personally love The Big Bang Theory.
It is one of my all time favorite TV shows that always make me laugh.
A few days ago, while I was watching an episode that had to do with Sheldon’s TV show “Fun with flags”, the word “Flag” immediately got my attention in a different way than it used to, now that I play CTFs almost everyday.
Now, when I hear the word “flag” I think about an alphanumeric string I have to get and not a flag on a pole. Yes, it is weird, I know…

Anyway, here is my first boot2root box hosted on VulnHub.
You can download it from here: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/tbbt-funwithflags,437/

Vulnhub Description

Welcome to “Fun with Flags”!
This boot2root machine is themed after the famous TV show, The Big Bang Theory.
To successfully complete the challenge you will need to get all the 7 flags, one for each main character and get root access.
Difficulty: Easy / Beginner Level

Need hints? Twiter @emaragkos
Works only with VirtualBox
DHCP is disabled – Static IP
Good luck and have fun πŸ™‚
Need help with setting up a subnet for that specific box? Check my tutorial:

Vulnhub VM with Static IP

Why I created this challenge

This challenge is designed for total beginners. It covers some basic stuff you need to know in order to get starded and dive into the world of CTFs.

The way thisΒ  challenge was created is based on the results from my BSc thesis that had to do with CTFs as an education tool.

Long story short: β€œStart playing CTFs now!” is what I wish someone has told me a few years ago!

In the following article I will present you 7 reasons why you should start playing CTFs RIGHT NOW and why this box will help you as a newcomer.

7 reasons why you should start playing CTFs


Also your feedback is really valuable for me!
After you have completed the machine and based on your personal experience, how would you rate the machine? (easy/medium/hard)
Was there something that you didn’t like about it? Maybe something you have liked more if it was different?
Please leave your comments. Also if you have completed the challenge and wish to write a walkthrough I will be happy to add it here πŸ™‚

Writeups (The order is strictly chronological)

Mr. Robot (@t0thkr1s)

Ashutosh Singh Umath

Paras Arora (@parasarora06)




SecuCyber (French)


Parth Panchal

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