4 Simulation tests to take before OSCP1 min read

Yes OSCP is about trying harder and practicing your skills but it is also about time management.
Here are 4 recommended simulation tests to take before OSCP and test your time management and reporting skills.
So here is the challenge, 24h to complete each mockup and another 24h to complete an OSCP report based on OSCP standards.


Source: https://awesomeopensource.com/project/six2dez/OSCP-Human-Guide

Better be prepared but never forget…











First mockup:
• Brainpan VulnHub
• Kioptrix2014 VulnHub
• Lordoftheroot VulnHub
• Pwnlab_init VulnHub
• VulnOsv2 VulnHub

Second mockup
• Bastard HTB
• Blue HTB
• Conceal HTB
• Devel HTB
• Metasploitable3_windows GitHub
• Silo HTB

Third mockup
• LazySysadmin VulnHub
• Metasploitable3_ubuntu GitHub
• MrRobot VulnHub
• Pinky’s Palace v1 VulnHub
• Own crafted Windows XP machine with SLMail, Minishare, DoStackOverflowGood, VulnServer and WarFTPD.

Fourth mockup
• Active HTB
• Bounty HTB
• Brainpan VulnHub
• Cronos HTB
• DevOops HTB

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