TryHackMe OSCP Preparation Path Review2 min read

So for all of you that you don’t know TryHackMe, TryHackMe is an awesome online training platform that takes the pain out of learning and teaching Cybersecurity. It makes it a comfortable experience by designing prebuilt courses which include virtual machines (VM) hosted in the cloud ready to be deployed. This avoids the hassle of downloading and configuring VM’s.

TryHackMe just like HTB offers multiple boxes ready to be deployed on the cloud and exploit them. Recently they have added “Learning Paths” that include multiple free and premium boxes that will help you practice towards your desired goal. On of these paths is the OSCP training path that is a great practical course specifically for OSCP preparation.

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification is becoming a standard in security. Achieving OSCP is no easy task and gives you instant credibility, having proven your understanding and ability to manually exploit a range of security vulnerabilities. The Offensive Security PWK labs, will give you the foundations to pass, but any extra practice is good preparation. Completing each room in this path will give you the knowledge that can help you pass.

The OSCP learning path is great for either pre-preperation prior to purchasing the OSCP course or to help re-consolidate your knowledge whilst following the official OSCP resources. To complete the path you should have a basic to medium understanding of computing.

It includes 18 boxes (for now) that also cover Windows Privilege Escalation and Buffer Overflow / Reversing topics that are kinda rare to find on Vulnuhub.
This pathway is still being developed, and so more rooms will be added. Stay tuned…

In order to follow the OSCP path you need to buy a premium subscription. It costs 10$/month and it offers a few other things than the learning paths.

  • You get access to all PRO learning content
  • You get your own virtual Kali Machine
  • You can enroll in all paths
  • You can control machines in your browser
  • You deploy machines faster
  • Check it out here

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