Although there is a huge amount of useful resources out there easily accessed with just a Google Search, I believe that keeping a short personal favorite list is always handy.
So here is a list of my favorite holy-bible-grade InfoSec resources.
Useful repositories, cheatsheets, CTF stuff and much more!

Useful git repos:

[HUGE] A collection of various awesome lists for hackers, pentesters and security researchers
[HUGE] A collection of awesome penetration testing resources, tools and other shiny things
[HUGE] Gray-Hacker-Resources Useful for CTFs, wargames, pentesting. For fun or profit.
Windows Exploit Suggester
Linux Exploit Suggester
Linux Soft Exploit Suggester
Various ways to do a reverse shell
SecLists – The security tester’s companion

Useful Online tools:


CTF Stuff:

JohnHammond’s CTF KATANA
CTF Series : Vulnerable Machines
A curated list of Capture The Flag (CTF) frameworks, libraries, resources and softwares
CTF Writeups 2013 to 2018 and continuing
A curated list of CTF frameworks, libraries, resources and softwares
A curated list of awesome platforms

Cryptography – Cryptanalysis resources


Kali Linux Cheatsheet
Security Cheatsheets
HighOnCoffee Cheat-sheets
PentestMonkey Cheat-sheets
List of file signatures

Prepare for OSCP:
Github OSCP Prep
Github OSCP Prep 2
Total OSCP guide
Newbie to OSCP
Passing OSCP – scund00r
OSCP useful resources and tools
How to pass the OSCP
A curated list of awesome OSCP resources
A reconnaissance tool made for the OSCP labs
HackTheBox OSCP-like Machines

Book recommendations:

[HUGE] Free Programming Notes for every language [.pdf]

Kali Linux Revealed Book
Penetration Testing – A hands-on introduction to Hacking
Mastering Kali Linux for Advanced Penetration Testing
Metasploit – The Penetration Tester s Guide [outdated] RTFM – Red Team Field Manual
Blue Team Field Manual
The Hacker Playbook series
The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook
Serious Cryptography A Practical Introduction to Modern Encryption
Hacking The Art of Exploitation
Attacking Network Protocols by James Forshaw
Ghost in the Wires – My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker
Social Engineering – The Art of Human Hacking
The Art of Intrusion

YouTube recommendations:



John Hammond


Null Byte



Motasem Hamdan